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We recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better for most of our printables.  Please refer to the individual instructions to be sure.


Some of our projects require items that could be swallowed by the very young.  We rely on the supervising adult's judgment to determine how appropriate a project is for each child.

" Trick or Treat" Candy Holders - Recycle and Reuse


For Halloween, there are some simple, inexpensive replacements for "Trick or Treat" candy holders. 


The most obvious is that paper bag you received at the grocery store.  Easily transform it into a fun candy holder by adding hand-colored images.  There are many

Halloween coloring pages offered on the internet that can be colored, cut out and glued to the front, back and sides of the bag.  Let your kids help you add  ribbons and personal enhancements to make a one-of-a-kind bag.


If you can sew, creating a cloth or canvas bag is very simple to do.  To accessorize, find a coloring page you can use as a template for an appliqué that you can sew or glue to the bag.  If you're not that creative, grocery stores offer reusable canvas bags at a minimal cost.  These sturdy bags will let the kids get a huge bounty of candy on Halloween.


Older kids who aren't into "fancy" are usually very satisfied with a pillow case.  And best of all, when the holiday ends and all of the candy is gone, you can throw the pillow case into the washer and use it again next year. 


If you have a little money and you're inspired to "Go Green" for Halloween, the internet offers a wide variety of reusable candy holders?  You can help save the environment as you collect your "treats".


Just remember, no matter what you decide to use as a candy holder, keep it safe and fun.






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